TheTruthSpy Review

Smartphones have now become a necessity instead of a sheer luxury for the modern generation. With these, users can have almost anything they want in a rather convenient size. This kind of universal role can have a major effect in the life of the phone owner. When you lost or broke your device, many things can go out of your control. You will lose access to private information, required documents, recorded videos, favorite photos, and so much more.

But, phones have more interesting uses than just sending messages or taking snapshots. In fact, you can even use your mobile phone to spy the device of another person and do it anonymously. An undetectable program can be installed on the target device to acquire necessary information regarding its user together with remote control or spying. Internet browser activity, social networks, calls or messages, online location and others can be made available with the use of a spying app.

There are now a lot of tracking and cell spy devices out there. All of thee offer excellent features to track phone activities. These spy apps are ideal for monitoring the phones of children, teens, and even adults. Many of these spy apps also have the ability to track chats, text messages, photos, camera, videos, emails, voice calls, and more.

With the help of spy apps, it has become easier for you to control and manage the mobile activities of a person. One of the best examples of these spying apps you can find in the market right now is none other than TheTruthSpy app. This is a powerful tracking and cell spy app with exceptional featured for both business and home use. In this TheTruthSpy review, you can get to learn more about this app and how it helps in monitoring mobile activities of children or employees.

What is TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is among the best cell spy software programs right now.  It is a spyware perfect for use for business and personal use alike. With its use, it will become easier for parents to control the mobile phones of their kids in a stealth and remote manner. For business managers and owners who want to ensure that their employees will not waste resources of the company, TheTruthSpy can also help control their work time.

Ways You Can Use TheTruthSpy

There are several ways on how you can use TheTruthSpy such as as parental control, spying on husband or wife, or monitoring employees. If you like to ensure that your business stays secure, the use of this app could help you ensure confidential information in relation to the business stays safe and is not going to be used against you. It is a cell spy app which can offer an excellent chance for you to control the devices issued by the company that the employees are using.

As for parental control, it is not a secret that children can now easily get their hands on dangerous information on social media and the internet as a whole due to the existence of mobile devices. The phone of your child now serves as a portal which facilitates easy access of information and communication but at the same time, this can also let them access other things such as false information, pornography, and more. With the help of TheTruthSpy, you will be able to prevent your kids from getting access to these things and be in control of how and for what they use their phones with.

The cell spy apps are often used to monitor the phone use of employees and children. However, these apps could also be put to use for some other purposes which include spying on your spouse if you have suspicions about their fidelity. Instead of feeling suspicious or paranoid that can wreak havoc on your relationships, you will be able to use TheTruthSpy to learn the truth on your own. Indeed, TheTruthSpy is definitely useful in so many ways you can imagine.

Assistance Made Available for Everyone with TheTruthSpy

Whether you are a pensive partner, attentive employer, or a heedful parent, TheTruthSpy tool is going to change your life. This invisible program can do all those James Bond’s works. On the target device, it can track the required valued information and even personal account of the user. Aside from that, you will be able to implement the control of phone activity from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Developers have come with several unique variants to offer extreme comfort when using this app together with the remote control of the target phone.

The purposes of the use of this phone tracker that were mentioned above are pretty much basic. This is because its list of usage is still longer, including curious and innocent kids, older parents who have memory problems, nasty business partners, and so much more. This online location tracker is also a great aid.

Key Features of TheTruthSpy

As mentioned earlier, TheTruthSpy is among the biggest and most famous mobile spy apps that you can find right now. This app gives subscribers a complete access to the information they need on the target device then control it remotely and discreetly. With the help of the set of useful features that come with this app, it is extremely fast and easy to monitor the phone use of your employee or child. Check out the following key features that TheTruthSpy has to offer.

Track SMS Messages

With the feature of SMS tracking, you will be able to control all and any of the received and sent text messages on the target device. With the help of the TheTruthSpy, no secrets will be there and even deleted and old messages could be recovered for you to get a full view of them. Anything that your child, employee, or spouse is hiding from you is going to be revealed with the help of TheTruthSpy.

Track Phone Calls

TheTruthSpy app gives the subscriber the chance to track every phone call on the target device, including outgoing and incoming phone calls. Simultaneously, this app can also gather every detail on the target device including the time and date of call, duration of the call, and contact information. Every piece of information collected will then be sent then saved on your own account.

GPS Location

TheTruthSpy app can also be used for tracking the current location of the target device through GPS. With the use of this app, you will be able to get your hands on relevant information regarding the GPS location of the user of the target device. For as long as the owner of the device has it with him or her, it will be easy for you to pinpoint their location. TheTruthSpy will just upload this GPS location together with other related details to your own account. If you want, you can also request to view this GPS location on the control panel’s map.

Address Book Control

You can also control the address book of the target phone and do so remotely with the help of TheTruthSpy. Every detail on the address book like contact numbers, contact names, emails, dates of birth, and others which are stored on the memory of the target phone could be saved and accessed on your own account. This is useful when the device and all details on it get lost.

Event and Calendar Control

TheTruthSpy also comes with a special feature which allows you to control events on the calendar of the target phone. Therefore, you will be able to control all their schedules and events remotely wherever, whenever you are. For the manager and business owner, it is a beneficial feature to ensure that the employee does his or her job on schedule and being productive.

Control Reminders and Notes

In terms of reminders and notes on the target smartphone, TheTruthSpy makes it simple for you to control activities by discreetly and safely copying them to your own personal account. Through this, you’re aware of all that your spouse, worker or child is up to and reprimand or prevent them if they’re doing something that is not appropriate.

Control Passwords

TheTruthSpy has numerous special functions and one of these is that it is capable of controlling all passwords on target phones. With this spy app, you may easily capture every symbol or password that is typed on the target phone. If the target device was stolen or lost, it can help ensure that all information on the device can’t be accessed.

Track the History of Browser

TheTruthSpy may also be utilized in tracking the browser history of the target device. Whether it’s deleted or old browser history, you may control the visited websites of the target device. Aside from that, it is a beneficial feature of the TheTruthSpy as it can block the sites that are inappropriate. This is a bit useful for parents who like to ensure the children’s safety.

Access to the Media Files

Other than messages and calls, TheTruthSpy allows you access and get a copy of the media files on target device. This includes videos, photos, audio, and some files. TheTruthSpy also provides you the ability to view videos, photos, screenshots, and more remotely that’s on the target device. If there are harmful or malicious media files on the phone, you can delete it easily wherever you are.

Control the iMessages

TheTruthSpy enables you to control whatever chats and messages are in IM apps used through the target device. Regardless if it is WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Messenger or any messenger apps, you’ll be able to delete, control or view no matter what the messages are in the device. You can still view old or deleted messages.

All of the collected information will be uploaded to TheTruthSpy’s control panel, which is your own personal control panel. Through this, it’s simple to view, control or do actions you like to take about the information you have collected. Through TheTruthSpy, you may also have complete access to all data on the target device. Just make sure that you have an internet connection.

What TheTruthSpy Can Do for You?

Below are the list of features and main benefits of TheTruthSpy:

Tracking of Calls

Both complete calls and phonebook will be available from the cabinet of the user. Block the suspicious numbers and see duration and time of received or made talks. Your employees would not talk lots with beloved person or friends during working time.

Message Tracker

If you want to track messages, you will never go wrong with TheTruthSpy. Whether they are email, SMS, MMS, and some other messages, TheTruthSpy can help you view it. Deleting the message history would not help users to cover up since received and sent text information is tracked to your spying account.

Tracking of Location

This function is beneficial both in exploring route map and online schedule. The first one denies or confirms the answer to questions about the current location and the second one determines the trends. The feature seems to be additional, yet could be the most versatile in lots of cases.

Tracking of Social Media

Kik Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and some apps become influent to everybody. Oftentimes, people use them to work and the possibility to get details from socials is necessary. Kids may be sad or happy and detecting of some real reasons is made easier.

Files Management and Control

Everybody wants wider and brighter screen, audio player, powerful cameras, and huge storage made for maximum comfort with the multimedia files on the target phone. TheTruthSpy was made both to control and view such data, allowing you to make the right decisions when preventing nude photos from spreading.

Tracking of Installed Apps

Most websites have their mobile apps and people utilize lots of phone apps, which means blocking some can be a useful opportunity that TheTruthSpy can handle and will let you prevent your kid from any harmful content or workers from wasting working time.

Hidden Functions

It’s the most interesting item in TheTruthSpy as it can help you take photos remotely and spy calls. Recording the surrounding voices is a rarely used feature, yet there are times that it is an indispensable chance to learn accurate details.

TheTruthSpy’s Technical Side

Support – Like different types of technology, mobile phones and their operational system could crash. Several extraneous reasons involve issues with an internet connection or network. Add troubles or viruses with the browser to the list, which is a bit scary when something could go wrong. TheTruthSpy offers round the clock support.

Compatibility – TheTruthSpy’s programmers intensively work to give a range of compatible devices. The cornerstone is quality and each OS and phone is verified and tested before it becomes available on TheTruthSpy’s site. Both iOS and Android are the most famous OS. It is wise to know that there’s a stable control of these operating systems to avoid problems.

How to Install TheTruthSpy?

It is easy to install and use TheTruthSpy for your advantage. Below are the steps to install this app:

Step 1: Download the Software

For you to take advantage of TheTruthSpy, the first step that you should do is to download it. For the Android phones, there’s a separate guide for instructions. For iPad or iPhone, here’s how you should do it. After the software is already downloaded to the device, run the file and once it is installed, you may adjust the settings.

Step 2: Monitor Activities by Logging In

To start monitoring and viewing the activities, you’ll have to make an account in the official website of TheTruthSpy. You may create an account at the login page with your password and username. After making your account, you won’t need to monitor every activity on the target device where all phone activities are saved and logged on your account.

Step 3: Buy the Software

TheTruthSpy has 48-hour trial period. When that’s over, you’ll have to buy it to acquire access to all of its features. For you to buy the software, you have to agree and acknowledge that you’re the authorized administrator of the device. If you’re qualified for purchase, you need to go to the control panel page or order page for you to complete the TheTruthSpy’s legal requirements.

The Bottom Line

Everybody who’s interested in TheTruthSpy monitoring and spying app must be aware of the trial period. Two days is enough time to learn the personal account of TheTruthSpy. Learn the phone control commands and major functions. The company also offers the common aspects that are related to internet programs. Keep your relationships, money safe, and nerves healthy through the use of TheTruthSpy as your spy app. Every feature of TheTruthSpy is good for when you like to be discreetly and safely access the target phone’s activities. If you like to take advantage of the standard monitoring features at an affordable price, TheTruthSpy is definitely the best spy app ideal for you and your needs.

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